Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you’ve found something fun to look at. My contact details are here.

I’m a freelance journalist and photographer, currently living in Cardiff. Between 2009 and 2014, I worked in Bath for Future Publishing. There I worked on the Photography Testing Team, which means that I wrote about and reviewed cameras for a living for Digital Camera, PhotoPlus, N-Photo, Practical Photoshop, Photography Week and the UK’s largest technology website, TechRadar. Now that I’m freelance, I still do a fair bit of that, but also so much more!

As a working freelance, my work can be seen in such illustrious publications (aside from those already mentioned above) as Photography Blog, What Digital Camera, Amateur Photographer, Inspired Bride, LoveFood, Official Windows Magazine, Wales Business Insider, SFX, LoveMoney, Triathlon Plus, Saga Online, Real Travel and Britain Magazine.

Not content with wordsmithery, I’m also a photographer with work published in several magazines and websites. In 2012, the work I was commissioned to shoot for Tenovus was nominated and won a CIPR Gold award – for best design and photography. I’m still chuffed about that today.

A few years ago, I worked on a self-funded solo project called the Cardiff Arcades Project which saw me published in the Guardian, appear on Welsh television and radio stations and be featured in a few different publications. It also won a Wales Blog Award in 2011, and was nominated for another in 2012.

I have a separate website for my professional portfolio, where you can see which recent projects I’ve been working on. That’s especially important if you’re thinking of employing me for something – which I think you should because I’m quite awesome.

In case you wondered, I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism, both from Cardiff Journalism School. While I was there I learned quite a few exciting things, such as 100wpm shorthand, media law, public admin and how to spot a typo at 100 paces. I’m yet to find a use for public admin, but the rest was pretty interesting.

Since graduating in 2009, I’ve been working full-time and I like to think I’ve picked up a few handy skills along the way. These include, but are probably not limited to, optimising copy for web & SEO, social networking, using a CMS, using Photoshop, shooting video, presenting video (eek), making stuff up on the spot and blagging.

I am available for both writing and photographic commissions, just hit the Contact Me page to get in touch. I promise to try to reply as soon as possible, but if you don’t hear back after a week or so give me a nudge again as it’s likely I missed it… or forgot.

About this blog: You just came here because of the pretty pictures right, you don’t care about the above? This blog is a place for me to document some of my most recent photoshoots  with the crazy amount cameras I have the privilege to use. It’s a tough old job, but somebody’s got to do it.



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