Portraits: Sophie in Bute Park, Cardiff

Another set of portraits that have been hanging about in the vault which is my external hard drive, I took these shots of the lovely Sophie back in 2016.

All of the photos were shot around Bute Park – somewhere where I often find works well as a great outdoor portrait location (providing the weather is playing ball).

It was a typical Cardiff spring day when I took these in April – so of course that means that the weather was completely unpredictable. While there was no full-on downpour, the sun hid behind clouds for a fair bit of time, then came out again and blazed into poor Sophie’s eyes. And of course the wind had to get involved… but in the end I think the end result was really rather lovely.

For those who are interested, these portraits were taken with the Panasonic GX80 and the Nikon D5… quite a difference in size for starters… if you really want to know which photo comes from which camera, you can click on any of them and by the magic of WordPress, it’ll tell you!

I’m 100% sure that Bute Park will be featured again… watch this space. As always, comments, thoughts, suggestions and anything else you care to leave, are welcome in the box below.

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