Travel: Street photography in New York City with the Fuji X100F

To say I’m a little behind on my blogging is an understatement. I’ve got so many blogposts I want to do, but, life, as always just seems to keep on getting in the way.

I’ve got a couple of long flights coming up, where I’ve got many grand plans to while away the hours by prepping tons of posts which I’ll schedule like a good little blogger when I get back. The reality probably will more likely feature reading trash mags and watching trash in-flight films, but one has to have aspirations…

It’s been exactly one year since our trip to New York City to celebrate my 30th birthday. Which, for those of you familiar with how time works, will understand that means that it’s pretty much my 31st birthday. Where do the years go? They seem to fly by quicker and quicker the more of them I accumulate. A scary thought, but let’s not dwell on that.

Instead, here’s some pictures from my trip, which was wonderful. We booked this in January, with full expectations that a trip to New York in February might mean show (which could be magical), but could also feature miserable downpours, cold weather and a gloomy outlook. We had plans for so many indoor activities, that it took us a little by surprise to find that the weather was actually quite warm, most of the time, and certainly sunny.

We did so much walking around that my legs ached for a good week afterwards, but as always, New York remains the perfect place to wander around and not do a whole lot but look. I had with me the Fuji X100F, which was pretty much the perfect camera for street photography in a city like this – it was ever so kind of Fuji to bring it out just in time for my trip, I have to say.

I ended up making a photo book from our little New York adventure, and I recently had a look through it again – I’m so glad I did that, and it’s made me want to make so many more – but how to find the time? Hopefully I’ll endeavour to sort out my life in photos one day…. one day…..

For now, enjoy some of my favourite shots from the trip – I’m about to embark on another birthday trip, so you can expect to see some photos from that in approximately one year’s time (if you’re lucky).

As always – if anyone is indeed still reading this – comments, feedback, thoughts, musings and general word-smithery always welcome in the comments box.

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