Still life: gorgeous purple lilies

I came across these photos while trawling through my hard drive archives, and thought the subject matter deserved a little post.

These gorgeous, unusual purple lilies were brought for us by my boyfriend’s lovely mum Wendy. I’d never seen lilies like it before, and they made a dramatic impact in our house for ages – they seemed to last forever (I think it was least two weeks).

They were also of course the ideal subject for me to point a macro lens at in my “home studio”, aka a windowsill in my house. One of the joys of the house that I live in is that there’s a window with a very large waist-level windowsill… it’s almost as if it was designed for photographers to use. I take lots of photos there, mainly of other cameras for product shots, but occasionally something more colourful sneaks in.

Seeing these photos reminds me I should do some more still life work – it is of course all-weather friendly and you can really take your time. I’ll keep an eye out for some more “studio” props soon! 🙂


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