Street Photography: Cardiff City Centre

Street photography is one of my favourite genres. At least, to look at. I love browsing through other street photographers’ work, reading street photography books and going to exhibitions in the genre.

I love the way that it documents a moment in time, creates a record of how a place and time is, and of course, captures people behaving as they always do, rather than posing for a carefully crafted image.

With all that in mind, it’s not a genre I find myself shooting very often. Even though as I walk through the streets I see 101 different photo opportunities at any given moment, I don’t often have the courage to point my camera in the direction of the action.

However, back in October (2016), I was asked if I’d like to put together a feature on the best camera for street photography. Jumping at the chance to create something around perhaps my favourite genre, I knew I’d have to get over my phobia of being “caught in the act”.

I spent a great afternoon taking these pictures in Cardiff city centre. I moved around a relatively small area, finding good viewpoints to sit and just people-watch. I would only lift the camera (or shoot from the hip where possible), every now and then, trying to become part of the street furniture and not draw attention to myself.

Although it’s still not a genre I find myself shooting all that often, that afternoon really helped to build my confidence – and now I have an appetite for more. Since this experience, I found myself shooting street photography in New York (surely the home of modern street photography – blog post on that coming at some point), and I want to do more here at home.

Of course I’m not even close to the same league as some of my favourite street photographers, but, I hope with pictures like this, I’ve made a start to getting a teeny tiny bit closer.

Do you shoot street?

As always comments, questions, suggestions and anything else you fancy saying are welcome in the box below.

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