Portraits: Samanta at the Northcote Street Lanes, Cardiff

One of my favourite places to shoot in Cardiff is the ever-changing Northcote Street Lanes. Indeed, if you have a quick scroll through the home-page, you’ll notice more than one mention of this vibrant location.

The graffiti walls seem to change every time I visit, and we don’t have to worry about it being a sunny day, as the background is so handily provided by the local artists that frequent the location.

So it was here that I met with Samanta, a Lithuanian dancer living in Cathays. Another great thing about taking portraits is the diversity of characters I have the fortune to meet with and spend a little time chatting to.

For those interested in these kinds of things, I shot these portraits using the Sony RX1R II. It’s a compact camera, but with a full-frame sensor and a fixed 35mm f/2 lens. I really enjoyed the challenge of shooting a set of portraits with only one focal length available. 35mm is not often thought of as a typical lens for portraits, but with one, you can get some great environmental-type shots. With a bit of careful composition, you can also achieve some different viewpoints.

Probably my favourite section of walls was the purple bit you can see in the header image – but just about every bit had something going for it. I just love how sharp and vibrant the images look. Having spoken to Samanta after I sent her the set of images, she was happy too – so that’s a bonus.

As always, any comments, thoughts, opinions, questions or general missives are very welcome in the comments box below.

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