Portraits: Lucy at the Northcote Street Lanes with the Nikon D750

Just before Christmas (that was like last week, right? No? What?….) I had the pleasure of testing out the Nikon D750.

A great full-frame camera that sits in between the D610 and the D810, it features a lot of great features including a tilting LCD screen and inbuilt Wi-Fi. As I tend to do every time I get my hands on a high-end camera, I set my sights on a portrait shoot.

Happily, Lucy was willing to oblige and, it being a grey December day, we headed to the Northcote Street Lanes – my go to place in Cardiff when the weather is not playing ball. I love how the vibrant colours from the graffiti walls in the lanes contrast with the sitter and you can achieve a variety of different looks within minutes and feet of each image. What’s more, the graffiti changes on a regular enough basis that you never know what you’re going to get when you head over there.

Lucy was a great model happily taking my instruction and I’m really pleased with the resulting images. In the time since I took these I’ve already been back to the lanes with another model and another camera – look out for another blogpost soon.

As always, comments, suggestions, and any other thoughts more than welcome in the comments box below 🙂

nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-001 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-003 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-005 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-007 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-009 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-015 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-019 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-021 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-023 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-025 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-031 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-035 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-038 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-042 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-046 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-048 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-054 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-056 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-058 nikon-d750-portrait-shoot-060

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