Camera 365: December (Gold) and Yearly Roundup!

So, as you may or may not be aware, yesterday was New Year’s Eve, which for some means a night of unrelenting alcohol consumption, but for me something way more important… the end of my Colour365 project.

Which, if you’ve been following the blog for the past 12 months, you’ll know it wasn’t just a colour challenge, I also had the crazy notion way back in January that maybe I could make it a CAMERA 365 challenge too.

If you actually know me, you’ll probably know how stubborn I can be and once I set my mind to something, it’ll take a lot to stop me doing it, so even though it drove me insane at various points throughout the year, I’m glad I stuck with it in the end.

When I started it, I thought I’d be pleased to get to 100. That proved to be reasonably easy so I kept it going… and here we are 365 (well 366 if you count today) days later and I managed to complete a whole year of using a different camera every day.

There’s been a few ups and downs to this year, and when I decided to go freelance in August, not being an office surrounded by cameras every day I wondered if it would even be possible to find a different camera each day but thanks to the very generous support of friends, manufacturers, PR companies and the like, I got there.

So now an apology – sorry to anybody who’s had to listen to me bang on about this project, anybody I’ve pestered for cameras, and anybody who’s cameras I still have in my possession – I’ll start the long process of sorting them all out just as soon as the New Year haze is over.

A huge thank you to everybody and anybody that has helped, and because there’s bound to be somebody I’ve forgotten in this list, here’s another apology if you don’t see your name….. but here goes, in no particular order of course, thanks to Canon UK (especially Steph and David), Panasonic (especially Claire, Helen and Ruth), Fujifilm (shout out to the fabulous Katie Teesdale-Ward), Nikon (thanks to Jenny, but also to Lily who’s now at pastures new – hope that’s going well), Sony (big up Laura Sibley, and Abby from Consolidated PR, Samsung (thanks Angela and all those at Red and Kazoo). And now for individuals who helped immeasurably… Scott (thanks for all those old phones ;)), Simon (thanks for lugging along all your old cameras – maybe you should sell one or two of them???), Angela, Ali, Chris and Jeff at Future Publishing (thanks for rummaging around the cupboards to find stuff for me!), Ben (you did a great job of replacing Ali during the summer…), Sarah & Tzevai (thanks for getting a new phone especially for this project Sarah), Bridie & Jordan, Laura, Cat, Matt, Josh (special thanks for posting so many – I will post them all back soon I promise!), Andy and the rest of the guys at Time Inc (it was nice to see somebody with a chaotic stock cupboard and know I’m not the only one), Nicole and Luke (or perhaps I should be thanking Luke’s Dad?), Rob (even if you did hide your S95 from me).

On to the last month – it was gold, and I also spent 10 days in the US … which meant lugging 10 cameras with me – thankfully my friends at Panasonic had loaned me a few compacts which didn’t take up too much space, and I finally used my own phone which I’d been saving up all year. Gold was quite a fun colour to look for, and of course with it being Christmas, reasonably easy to find…. especially when I was in Vegas.

There will be no coming back next month to see what the next 30 days held, but now I should have some more time to blog about other things (it’s amazing how much time a project like this takes up…) so please do keep visiting for other posts.

You can see a complete list of all the cameras that I used here, if you feel so inclined, or the complete rainbow of colours over in this Flickr album. Happy 2015! Also, well done for Sarah and Tzevai for also completing the whole colour year too – thank god that’s over eh? 

As always, any thoughts, suggestions, comments and more welcome in the box below! 🙂

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