Goals for 2014 – a look back, and new goals for 2015

WOW! It’s the last day of the year! How does this happen every year? Something to do with the sun I hear. Anyway, that’s another 365 days whizzed by and my my my what a year.

This time last year, I set myself some goals for things I wanted to achieve in the coming year. I’d never really done that before, but it helped me to think of some things I wanted to do, and while I didn’t achieve everything I set out to do, it helped to have some ideas written down.

One thing I learned over the course of the past twelve months is to not be afraid to fail, or not meet, a goal you set yourself. For instance, I initially set a target of listening to 250 albums – having smashed this fairly easily by March, it seemed logical to up it to 1000 for the rest of the year.

Until I started becoming busier, being away more, etc etc, and it turned into a proper chore that I was no longer enjoying. I was listening to albums just for the sake of crossing them off a list, and I realised that it was pointless – so I decided not to finish that challenge and instead be happy with what I had achieved so far.

I didn’t take that philosophy as far with my Camera365 challenge (a separate post coming on that soon!) which I managed to complete today, and was probably one of the silliest challenges I’ve ever completed, and was HARD work.

This was a pretty epic year for me – half way through it my job was made redundant and so I took the decision to go freelance. A scary decision which looks like it was turning out to be very much the right one. Hey, did you know you can hire me, here…. 😉

So here’s a look back at the list from last year – and whether or not I achieve them. After that is my goals and targets for next year. I hope you all had a productive and happy 2014 – here’s to an even better 2015! 🙂

Complete the iMDb top 100 list

Started this one off reasonably well until it completely tailed off by March… not even really sure why, but I don’t mind….  it’s still on my overall life list, but I’m not in such a rush now.

Watch 35 films at the cinema

Having completed this one way back in March, I actually ended up seeing 90 films at the cinema, some good, some bad. Some fantastic. Looking forward to all the excellent films which will surely be out in January and February for Oscar season.

Gym or Swimming 100 times

As I predicted, I failed this one – quite badly. A combination of being around less, being busy more often and well, laziness, leads to the failure of this one. I’m not too devastated though as I saw this one coming a long way off.

3 theatre / live comedy trips & 3 new galleries/museums

This was one of my favourite goals on the list, and I managed to achieve them reasonably easily. I saw Once in London, some comedy in Bath and some more comedy up in Chester while I was on a hen do. Galleries I visited across the world is numerous, but this goal was limited to London, where I actually added 6 new galleries (I’m aiming for at least 30 overall) – the British Museum, Camden Image Gallery, Tate Britain, Photographers’ Gallery, Atlas Gallery and Proud Camden.

Across the globe I also visited the Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and the Holborne Museum in Bath, Merseyside Maritime Museum and Tate in Liverpool, the Museo del Prado in Madrid, the Museo Thyssen-Bergen, also in Madrid, the Museu Berado in Lisbon, the Pinoteca di Brera, Palazzo Reale and Museo del Noveciento in Milan, the Museum Historii Fotografii w Krakow, National Museum of Poland, Wawel Castle, Museum of Contemporary Art, Executioner Museum, Oskar Schindler’s House, International Cultural Centre and the Underground in Museum (all in Krakow, that was a good week!), the Petzval Museum in Slovakia, the Chateau d’Eau in Toulouse, the DeYoung Museum and the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art plus The Getty in Los Angeles and finally the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. I think that’s all of them…. there was a lot so I might have forgotten…. but it’s at least 30 new museums and art galleries this year 🙂

250 new (to me) albums

After whizzing through this really quickly at the start of the year, I slowed down a little and made it up to just over 500. It was another one of my favourite goals as the aim was to get me listening to new stuff and not just sticking with the same old music all the time. There’s a few lists I’m working through as well to give me inspiration, but it’s been great to hear some stuff I would never have thought to listen to before.

Make 5 things

Um, I didn’t make anything – whoops.

Read 6 new (to me) books

Accomplished this one really early on and then quickly fell back into my non book-reading habits. But that’s OK, I read and do stuff all day long, so reading a book doesn’t always appeal. Still, I have quite a few on my shelf I would like to get read soon.

Cook 10 new (to me) recipe

I think I managed 2 or 3 new recipes – something I want to rectify next year, I’ve just had a big kitchen clearout, which has reminded me I used to cook a lot….

24 photography blog posts

This one I didn’t quite manage – I was spending too much time away, or working, and unfortunately blog posts slipped down the agenda I’m a little bit sad about this, but not too surprised… something to think about for next year though.

Photograph 10 new people

People are pretty much my favourite subject to shoot, and I was lucky enough to photograph 11 new people this year – just snuck past the goal right at the end 🙂

Record 12 ukulele or guitar covers

Well I only managed one. I’m still playing these instruments, but didn’t really feel motivated to record covers throughout the year. Maybe next year.

Visit 5 new UK cities and 1 national park

I managed four new UK cities, which I think is a good crack at the goal – these were Wells, Salisbury, Liverpool and Chester. Liverpool was probably my favourite, I’d like to go back and see more of this city. I’m still working towards seeing all of the UK’s cities at some point. No new national parks though, which is a shame.

Finish my 50 teas list

Yep, finished in January. I like tea.

Ride 5 new roller coasters

No rollercoasters in 2014, sad times.

Goals for 2015

So with all that in mind, here are some goals for next year!


Listen to 250 albums
See 3 live music performances (I saw way more than this in 2014 but I stupidly didn’t have it on my goals list!)
1 song on the keyboard (I’ve just got my old keyboard back, it’d be nice to learn to play it a bit….)
1 cover (could be guitar, ukulele, keyboard, whatever)
Listen to all of the number one albums (did this in 2014, which was quite interesting)

Film & Cinema

10 of the films from the iMDb top 100 (a bit more realistic than completing the whole list)
50 films at the cinema (should be easy if 2014 is anything to go by!)
5 Spanish language films (to help with my Spanish classes)


5 new books (to me)


3 new countries (I managed 3 in 2014 so here’s hoping for the same in 2015 at least…)
3 new UK cities
2 new European capitals
1 national park.


3 theatre or live comedy trips
3 new museums/galleries in London
3 new temporary exhibitions anywhere in the world
3 new museums/galleries anywhere in the world


10 new (to me) recipes


10 new people (a good one that I achieved last year, so seems sensible to aim for the same this year)


15 new photography blogposts … including the backlog from 2014!


Swim 50,000 metres (not in one go….)

I guess come back this time next year to see if I manage to complete these ones a bit better 😉

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