Camera 365: November – Silver round up

So it’s time for the penultimate monthly round-up of the year and this project.

This month was originally scheduled to be brown month, but it got changed to silver/chrome – and while at first I didn’t really quite like the idea of a month of silver followed by a month of gold, silver and chrome are pretty abundant so it was generally easy to find something in the house photograph.

On the downside, that meant that it wasn’t always easy to find things while out and about – so while I spent a weekend in Toulouse this month, my photographs don’t really suggest that I was anywhere because I took all interior shots – but hey ho (and I’ll do a travel post with all these places I’ve been in 2014 soon I swear…)

So, now onwards and upwards to the next and final month. I can’t quite believe this project is almost over. If you’ve been following it from the start, you’ll know that I’ve had ups and downs with it, but I’m glad I stuck with it as I think it’ll be a cool story to tell for years to come (to anyone that will listen) and I’ve already had offers to write and talk about my experience.

There’s just 31 days left and I have 30 definite cameras lined up, and possibly a couple more in the works too – you might ask why I need more, well, sometimes a camera decides to break at the last-minute – or the photos won’t transfer across, or any of the other hundreds of technical difficulties I’ve encountered over the year.

While I have enjoyed this challenge in some ways, I can’t deny it’s going to be so liberating to not be working on it next year – imagine being able to go away for 2 weeks with only one camera, shocking I know!

So this month is gold month and it’s also probably the most exciting month of the year because I’m going on a trip to the States for the first time in my life. I’ve wanted to go since, well, forever, so to say I’m excited is a little bit of an understatement. My travel buddy Rob and I have got so much planned for our little tour across the South West that will probably culminate the mother of all hangovers after our weekend in Las Vegas…. and maybe a big win on the slots if we’re really lucky.

See you next month for the last round-up! As always, comments, suggestions, thoughts, missives and random acts of kindness welcome in the box below.


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