Camera 365: October – Purple Round Up

It’s that time of the month again!

I honestly can’t believe there’s now less than two months to go until the end of this project. I had a wobble in October about whether to finish the Camera365 challenge as on one particular week it was proving difficult to get hold of cameras.

But thanks to some VERY kind people who have dedicated time and effort to helping me source some more cameras I’m now very much on track and I have only got 12 more to find and I’ll have enough to last the rest of the year – woop! Each and every person that has helped me with this crazy task will get a special mention in my end of year round-up. And probably a thank you gift of some kind.

October, apart from the wobble, was quite a fun month – I really like purple, and that’s always helpful. I started the month in Milan, visited Poland in the middle of it and finished it in Cardiff.

For November I have some more fun trips coming up – Birmingham, France and Bath, before the big December blow out in the States – which I know is going to be the best week ever. Just has to be.

There’s a couple missing from this round-up because I used film cameras which I haven’t had chance to get developed yet – but they’ll be there in time for the final 365 round-up at the end of … or well at the start of next year.

Enjoy! Any comments as usual, feel free to leave them!


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