Camera 365: July – orange round up

Uh oh, we’re fully nine days into August and I haven’t posted the round-up from July yet. Sorry! Last weekend I was on a hen do up in Chester (post of photos from Chester and Liverpool to come soon) and I’ve been incredibly busy since then… mainly social stuff so I’m not grumbling.

So anyway, July. It was orange month. I quite enjoyed it in the end – I had anticipated it might be quite difficult to find orange stuff, but it turned out to be relatively easy. And I have to admit I’m loving the run of brights that the summer months is affording us, compared to the more muted shades of the start of the year.

This month was the first time I’d used a film camera as part of the challenge – hopefully not the last. I am well over half way through the year now, but, big life update alert, I have under two weeks left in my current job, so whether I’ll be able to finish the camera365 aspect of the challenge is up for debate. I’d like to think I can, but we’ll see – it’s definitely going to be even harder. If you have any cameras you can loan me for even 5 minutes then please, please do get in contact 🙂

Without further ado, there’s the orange gallery for July. August is red month, and I promise to at least try to get that post up a lot quicker than this one 🙂

As usual, any comments, suggestions, thoughts or anything else always welcome in the comments box below.

You can follow the progress of me, and the rest of the group taking part in the Colour365, over on Flickr.

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