Helena in Barry, shot with the Nikon D4S

I always feel more like a “real” photographer when I use a big huge camera like the D4S. I know that’s a terrible cliche (and as we all know, it’s not about the size of your equipment), but it’s true.

I’ve been wanting to photograph Helena for a while – ever since I saw her performing as part of the fabulous Siren Sisters around a year ago. I knew she’d make a great portrait subject, and happily I was proven right.

We met up in Barry, where Helena lives, and visited a lovely beachy spot before taking a quick jaunt over to the Knap. I’d never really seen these parts of Barry before (who knew there was more to it than just the Island? ;))

As predicted, Helena was great fun to photograph, and by happy coincidence, she’d just had her hair dyed dark blue, which just so happened to be my colour of the month back in March – bonus. I wonder if she could be convinced to dye it another colour for another month (if you’re reading this Helena…. do let me know yeah? ;))

For this shoot I used the Nikon D4S, as already mentioned. An absolute powerhouse of a camera, it really was a joy to use for this kind of shoot. The big grip makes it a breeze when shooting in portrait orientation, while the bright and clear viewfinder help me to see exactly what I’m framing before pressing the shutter release. And of course, most importantly, I’m pretty chuffed with the final images.

That’s enough rambling from me – enjoy the pictures below and if you have any questions, thoughts or anything else to say, please do feel free to leave them in the box below.

helena-barry-nikon-d4s-001 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-002 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-003 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-004 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-005 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-006   helena-barry-nikon-d4s-009 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-010 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-011 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-012 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-013 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-014 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-015 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-016 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-017 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-018 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-019 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-020 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-021 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-024 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-025 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-027 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-026 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-028 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-029 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-030 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-031 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-033 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-034 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-036 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-037 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-038 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-039 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-041 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-045 helena-barry-nikon-d4s-044

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