Camera 365: June – yellow round up

I’ve got mixed emotions about the month of June.

When I think about it – the start of the month seems like such a long time ago. The holiday to Portugal was one of the best weeks of my life (and felt more like a couple of months), but it feels like it happened way more than a couple of weeks ago. I have a ton of photos to edit from it – as you can imagine – so look out for that on the blog soon.

On the other hand, it’s July already – how? The year continues to speed along at a rapid pace.

I’ve now taken 181 photos with 181 different cameras (of course the reality is, I’ve taken many hundreds of thousands more photos than that, but you get the drift).

Yellow was a fun month as it was so different after the blues and greens of the preceding four. The next challenge is orange … which I’m unsure about … not sure how much orange is out there, but I’m usually surprised by how much I can find once I start looking.

So, here’s the past month in a roundup form. I’m now officially half way through the challenge, which is great on the one hand…. but on the other means I need to do everything I’ve done again…. so, if you have any cameras (new, old, good, bad, I don’t mind) that you could lend me for even just a few minutes, please do let me know…. or perhaps if you know of anything orange to photograph.

If you want to track the progress of the project (and the others doing the colour project with me – you can always look at the Flickr group).

Enjoy the gallery – any comments, suggestions, thoughts and so on are always welcome.

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