Camera 365: May – light green round up

May didn’t fly by quite so fast as the other months seem to have… perhaps that’s because I had a LOT of events, weddings, camping, etc etc…. just another month in my crazy hectic life. 😉

May was light green – or just plain old green compared with the dark shades of April.

Although it was a relatively easy month (green is pretty much everywhere you know), I’m glad to get on to some of the bright colours – starting with yellow for June. It’ll be nice not to have to worry about getting the shade right or wrong too… hopefully you can’t go too far wrong with yellow, red, pink and purple…. fingers crossed anyway!

May marked off another milestone day – Day 150… it’s really crazy to think I’ve used over 150 cameras so far (well actually I’ve technically used more because I’ve used a couple of cameras that I haven’t yet used for this project). I’m still doing OK for cameras, but definitely having to plan stuff further in advance these days.  Big love to everybody that is helping me along the way, whether that’s friends or manufacturers sending me parcels of goodies (and yes, I do have to return them before you ask).

At the end of next month we’ll be over half way through…. the motivation to keep going is quite high at the moment, but we’ll see how that’s faring after another month. I’m going away to Portugal next week, so I’m having to take with me, or make sure others have, enough different cameras to last seven days…. I’m actually currently thinking I’ll have more than enough – but we’ll see about that 🙂

Anyway, without any more nonsense, here’s the roundup of the previous month’s photos. You can follow mine (and the rest of the group’s) progress over on Flickr if you like. Come back on the 1st of next month to see how yellow treated me 🙂

Bring on the summer – hope you have a great one!

If you’ve got any comments, suggestions or thoughts on this project (or anything else hey), I’d love to hear them. Especially if you know of anything cool and yellow I can photograph and/or you have a camera I can borrow. Enjoy!

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