Portraits: Kat at Penarth Pier with the Fuji X-M1

First of all, I need to apologise to Kat for taking so long to get these portraits up on the blog.

But, with the sun finally coming back out, I can think of no better reason to celebrate than by reminding everybody of the ridiculously hot summer we had last year. You see, these were taken all the way back in July 2013.

Remember that time? Everyone complained it was too hot, the way us Brits are prone to do… but soon started to complain about it when the cold returned.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to sort out these photos, but, here they are anyway. I was using the Fuji X-M1 at the time, which, being as it was SO sunny, was somewhat difficult to use as it doesn’t have a viewfinder. So sometimes, there was a fair amount of guesswork in the composition. None-the-less, the final images I was really pleased with and Kat was great fun to work with. You can never go far wrong with a Fuji, if you ask me (and people often do).

We shot these photos at the lovely Penarth Pier, which, on a day like this one was, was wonderful to be around. I can’t wait to spend more summer days there this year – I’ve already spent some time there already, but the temperature was significantly cooler than on this day…

Anyway, enough of my rambling – I hope you enjoy the photos, and here’s to many more hot, sunny, beachy days. Any comments, thoughts or suggestions welcome, as always, in the box below.

kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_001 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_002 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_003 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_004 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_005 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_006 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_007 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_008 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_009 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_010 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_011 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_012 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_013 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_014 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_015 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_016 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_017 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_018 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_019 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_020 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_021 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_022 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_023 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_024 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_025 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_026 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_027 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_028 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_029 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_030 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_031 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_032 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_033 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_034 kat_penarthpier_fuji_xm1_portraits_035

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