Camera 365: March – dark blue round up

I’m worried that I’m going to say this every month, but March REALLY flew by.

I started my month off in Birmingham for the Photography Show, which simultaneously seems like forever ago and yesterday – weird when that happens.

Dark blue was OK at times. I definitely don’t like the color as much as turquoise, but I think it’s around more. Bath (where I work) for instance, seems to have a lot of dark blue doors… I love a door.

It’s now time for dark green to start, and I’m pretty glad to say goodbye to blue. I love blue, it’s probably my favourite palette, but after three months it’s time to move on…. and we’re getting closer to the summer brights which I’m looking forward to the most.

We’re now getting closer to day 100 of the year, which means almost 100 cameras that I’ve used. This month passed by without incident… I’m still not really struggling to find cameras, luckily this month a lot of new stuff has come into the office for review. Yay for new cameras! You can see the full list of the cameras that have been used so far here. Thanks also to those people who have loaned me cameras – or offered to – it’s really very appreciated 🙂

I’ll be posting a roundup of the previous month on the 1st of each month, but don’t forget you can always follow my (and the group’s) progress over on Flickr if you can’t wait that long.

If you’ve got any comments, suggestions or thoughts I’d love to hear them – especially if you know of any cool dark green subjects I can photograph AND/OR you have a camera I can borrow…. Enjoy!

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