Camera365: Another crazy project… (January – Pale Blue roundup)

As we begin (already!) the second month of 2014, I thought it might be a nice time to have a look back at the month passed… mainly because in that month I decided to embark on another one of my slightly crazy projects.

I’m taking part in a Photo365 with a group of other people. So far, so mundane, right? Just because I like to give myself a challenge (an understatement)… I’ve decided to try to see if I can make mine not just a Photo365, but a CAMERA 365…. so that means using a different camera every single, for THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE DAYS (Eep.)

It all started innocently enough… I just happened to use three different cameras in the first three days (my Panasonic G5 for day one, my iPhone 4S for day two and a Nikon S6600 compact I was reviewing for day three). It was on that third day that I thought…. but what if….

As a camera reviewer, naturally, I have access to a lot more cameras than the average person. At any one time I can be reviewing, or have in my possession at least, two or three, and new cameras are being announced and released every day. I’m also fortunate to work in an office packed to the rafters (possible exaggeration) with cameras that I have access to (yes, I am lucky, I do know).

We’re now 31 days in and so far it hasn’t been a struggle finding enough cameras to use. However, it has taken effort to plan out the cameras I will need for long stretches away from the office (I had a week off so I needed to make sure I had 10 cameras in the house!), but whether I’ll make it to 365 is another question… but it’s part of the fun to find out. It’s also been fun using cameras that I wouldn’t otherwise be reviewing (usually because somebody else has) or old cameras that I hadn’t used before… I’ve already been reminded just how much technology has improved in the past few years!

Just to make things even harder … each of the months has a different colour theme. Chosen by the group leader, my good friend Sarah, January was pale blue. It wasn’t particularly difficult finding pale blue things – Cardiff is full of the colour, Bath not so much, and London is chock-a-block with pretty much every colour. February is turquoise…. which I’ve a feeling could be trickier (although it’s not too difficult to transform a normal looking blue into something turquoise in post-production – editing, filters and pretty much anything else is allowed under the rules, fortunately).

The gallery below is what I have so far… I have favourites in here, and some which I will admit to being also-rans. I’ll be happy if the total number of mediocre shots is outweighed by those I’m happy with. A fair proportion of these made Explore on Flickr as well, which has been fun…. I really want more of those throughout the year.

Every month I’ll post a roundup of the previous month, but you can always follow my progress (and the group’s progress) over on Flickr if you just can’t wait that long between updates (and who could blame you ;)).

If you’ve got any comments, suggestions or thoughts I’d love to hear them…. as well as if you have a camera I could borrow this year 😀


  • I love seeing them all together like this, they look so awesome! 🙂 I’ll keep my eye out for any more cameras that you can borrow – I might even try and do a couple of my shots this year on 35mm if I can! 🙂

    • Hoping to do one of mine with the Instax Lomo camera that has now been located at my office. Daunted by the prospect sometimes, but then other days excited by it. Already having offers of help from so many people is a motivator though, so thanks again =)

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