Portraits: Rory with the Sony A3000

I’m very lucky to have a gorgeous nephew. He’s three (and a half) and up until fairly recently he wasn’t so keen on letting me take his photo.

However, with some careful bribery (promising to play outside with him when everybody else was busy), I managed to get him to pose for me just the other week – and he even seemed to enjoy it. He was very good, providing a range of expressions and looks, and I’m hoping that from now on he will be willing to pose for me even more.

He loves looking back at the pictures once they’ve been taken… although he is disappointed if a camera doesn’t have a touchscreen like a phone (aren’t we all ;-))

I was working only with a Sony a3000 and a kit lens, but I think I still got some pretty nice results. I’m especially pleased with them since he was so reluctant to pose before, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to set up a more complicated photo shoot in the not too distant (with Christmas nearly here I’m hoping it won’t be too tricky!).

Anyway, for now, enjoy these shots and if you have any tips for convincing toddlers to pose then I’d love to hear them. Comments, feedback and other thoughts also welcome as always.

rory_toddler_portrait_001 rory_toddler_portrait_002 rory_toddler_portrait_004 rory_toddler_portrait_005 rory_toddler_portrait_006 rory_toddler_portrait_007 rory_toddler_portrait_008 rory_toddler_portrait_010 rory_toddler_portrait_011 rory_toddler_trip rory_toddler_trip2 rory_toddler_portrait_020 rory_toddler_portrait_021 rory_toddler_portrait_022 rory_toddler_portrait_023

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