Portraits: Team Chong (Sarah, Tzevai and Marshall) with the Panasonic GM1

A few weeks ago I had the fun challenge of photographing the veritable Team Chong.

I’ve known Sarah and Tzevai for a few years now, I went to their lovely wedding last year – but I’d never really photographed them properly before. I’ve photographed Sarah a couple of times, such as here and here, but I wanted to photograph a couple as it’s not something I’ve ever really done before.

I didn’t properly anticipate how different it is to photographing someone on their own. I’m glad for one of my first couples shoot I was able to photograph a couple that I knew really well and (hopefully) wouldn’t get too annoyed with me trying new things or not knowing exactly what I wanted… plus their new cat Marshall was a welcome distraction.

We did the shoot first of all in their lovely new(ish) home, which has some great spaces (including a bright yellow wall) and lots of great props (such as a ukulele and guitar – OK not strictly props as they’re really used, but you know what I mean). Then we moved across to the gorgeous Roath Park, a natural place for photography.

I always struggle a little with direction, and while I think I’m getting a bit better at that for single shoots (my models might disagree) for a couple it seems to be a whole different ballgame. It’s hard to know what is cheesy, and what’s just nice… you’ll notice that a few of these shots are just all out cheese (and I quite like that in a way – pay special attention to the cheesy one with the star filter in the background).

I’d like to practice on more couples, and the next challenge would perhaps be two people who aren’t a couple, as I guess that would be a whole new set of challenges…. but something I’m totally up for if you want to volunteer…. don’t all rush at once 🙂

Now onto the camera that I used…. I took these with the cute Panasonic GM1. It’s the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera to date, and when I say small… it’s ridiculous. I’m a big fan of Micro Four Thirds in general, and this is one of my favourite cameras of 2013. If you’re into that kind of thing, you can read more about it on TechRadar in my Panasonic GM1 Review.

For now, all that’s left to say is I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you have any feedback, questions, comments etc, they are, as always, welcome in the box below.
team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_004 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_005 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_006 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_007 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_008 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_003 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_009 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_010 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_011 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_012 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_013 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_002 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_001 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_015 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_014 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_016 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_017 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_018 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_019 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_020 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_034 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_035 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_036 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_037 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_038 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_039 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_040 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_021 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_022 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_024 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_025 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_026 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_027 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_028 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_029 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_030 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_031 team_chong_shoot_nov_2013_033


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