Portraits: Lee, in the empty offices above the Morgan Arcade, Cardiff with the Panasonic GF6

This marks my official return to blogging about photography, hooray!

I photographed local musician Lee a few weeks ago with the Panasonic GF6. Having photographed Lee before for We Are Cardiff, Lee got in touch when he was looking for some new promo shots, and me being always in need of models for my reviewing I jumped at the chance (it’s also fairly rare that I photograph men… if you’re interested please do let me know…).

I wanted to find a location that matched Lee’s look… I hope he won’t take offence when I say that being surrounded by pretty flowers probably wouldn’t be the best match here. Lee said that he liked abandoned places and such like so I put out a request on Twitter. My chums at the Morgan Quarter alerted me to the empty offices which are in the process of renovation and I went to have a little look.

I fell in love with the place immediately, old wallpaper, missing door, piles of rubble, random old electricity cupboards… what’s not to love. There’s a massive space up there, and while it’s kind of sad that a fantastic photography location will be gone, I suppose it’s for the best that the space be used for something productive. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens up there.

To take these shots I used the Panasonic GF6. I took my own DSLR with me just in case I couldn’t get what I wanted with the Panasonic, but in the end it stayed in my bag for the whole shoot and I really enjoyed using the camera. Although it doesn’t have a viewfinder, the tilting screen was actually really useful for framing shots from unusual angles, so I think I managed to get some interesting viewing points here.

I also enjoyed using the different digital filters on the camera. Before this turns into a full-blown review, I’ll just say you can read more about this wonderful little camera on my full Panasonic GF6 review over at TechRadar.

All that remains for me is to thank Lee for being a good model and to apologise to you the reader for the dearth in photography related posts…. I’m back now though! Look out for more asap… 🙂

As always, any comments, reactions, suggestions or other happy missives are most welcome in the box below.


lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-001 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-002 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-003 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-004 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-007 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-005 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-009 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-008 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-011 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-014 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-015 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-017 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-019 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-022 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-024 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-026 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-027 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-029 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-032 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-034 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-035 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-036 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-039 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-040 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-044 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-045 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-046 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-047 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-048 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-049 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-052 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-053 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-056 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-055 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-061 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-060 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-063 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-065 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-070 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-072 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-074 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-076 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-081 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-083 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-082 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-085 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-087 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-090 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-089 lee-panasonic-gf6-morgan-092

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