30 day song challenge: week 1 update

Wow! A whole week has gone by already.

To be honest, this challenge is actually proving harder than I anticipated it would be. Finding the motivation to practice, record, edit and upload a song every day is tough! And just to make matters worse I now seem to have picked up a pretty nasty cold, so that’s fun.

On the flipside, it’s been wonderful receiving messages of support and motivation – so please do keep them coming.

Oh and even better donate here, yeah: http://www.justgiving.com/Amy-Davies30 Current total stands at an amazing £710, but let’s get MORE yeah!! 🙂

Here for your delectation, I present, the first week’s songs. Probably my favourite to perform was the first song, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, but Love Machine was also a lot of fun too. Actually scrap that, Three Way was the most fun because of… well… just watch it! It was great fun collaborating, and I can’t wait to do more of those over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for the rest of the month for more.

Day 1: My Favourite Song (Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes)

Day 2: Song I Know All The Words To (Love Machine by Girls Aloud)

Day 3: Song Which Makes Me Sad (Mr Brightside by The Killers)

Day 4: All American Boyband Song (It’s Gonna Be Me by *NSync)

Day 5: Song Which Describes Me (I Am A Rock by Simon and Garfunkel)

Day 6: Song Which Reminds You of a Place (Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys)

Day 7: Song Which Makes You Laugh (Three Way by The Lonely Island feat. Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga).

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