Read: Télégramme Magazine Issue 5

I’m taking a little departure from what I would usually post on the blog (my work) to share with you a wonderful (and free! hooray!) magazine which you should definitely check out if you get some time.

Télégramme is created by my lovely friend Sarah (who I photographed here and here by the way!) for the sheer love of the photographs within it. It’s a non-profit and as such carries no advertising so it’s 100% lushness inside.

The majority of the photography featured inside has been found via Flickr and a good proportion of it is analogue photography too. There’s also some absolutely beautiful illustration work as well.

Telegramme Spread

Sarah collates and designs the magazine all by herself, so kudos to that. It’s currently a bi-annual publication. This issue is the 5th one, so you can peruse the others as well if you get some time.

You can read issue five over on the Télégramme website or you can read it directly below via Issuu – either way, I really recommend that you do… and don’t forget to view it fullsize for the best effect!

P.S. Please do spread the word about Télégramme if you like it – I know Sarah would be thrilled to see it reach as many people as possible.

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