Portraits: Keara in a snowy Bute Park, Cardiff with the Nikon V2

As you can no doubt tell by the snow in these shots, I took these a little while ago … it was actually on the same day that I set off on an epic seven hour drive to Snowdonia

I met the lovely Keara through Twitter – as I seem to meet so many people these days. I put out a request for potential models on my feed, and Keara was one (perhaps crazy) enough to volunteer.

It’s great to meet new people like this, and if you fancy a portrait session – please do let me know, I’m always looking for models! I’m particularly keen to shoot anyone with “unusual” coloured hair, such as turquoise, yellow (I mean yellow, not blonde), pink or green…. so get in touch…

Anyway, back to this session. We headed off to Bute Park, which, perhaps because of the weather, was unusually deserted – although the week before when we’d had our original snow flurry it was full of excited people building snowmen (perhaps the novelty wore out a week later).

The light was great – the bright white sky made for good, clean portraits, without too much shadow. As you might be able to see on some of the later shots, it began to snow half way through shoot, so I hastily hurried it along… besides which my hands were starting to go numb.

I shot these using the Nikon V2 and an 18.5mm fixed lens. On the V2 that equates to around 50mm in 35mm terms, making it an ideal lens for portraits. I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t so keen on the Nikon 1 system when it first came out, but I ended up being really quite taken with the V2 – especially when looking at the quality of some of these shots. You can read my full review on TechRadar, if that kind of thing takes your fancy.

In the meantime, I hope you like these photos, and as always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do let me know in the box below.
keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-02 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-06 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-05 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-07 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-04 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-16 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-11 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-10 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-14 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-09 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-08 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-17 keara-bute-park-nikon-v2-18


  • I liked photos. But they look like if you did them in a rush. A bit. And also I believe that portret lenses begin from 80+mm 35mm equivalent

    • HI there, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you feel that way – I wasn’t particularly in a rush when I took them, could you elaborate on what you meant? Also in reference to your comment on portrait lenses… you can of course take a portrait with whichever lens you like. 85mm, you’re right, is considered a classic portrait lens – however, as yet, there is no proprietary optic for the Nikon 1 system which covers an 85mm focal length range. You can of course stick a Nikkor lens on with an adapter, if you want to hit that golden length. That said, plenty of people have, and continue to, use 50mm as a portrait lens – it’s a nice enough lens to get far enough away from the person, and with the f/1.8 maximum aperture on the 18.5mm lens, you get some nice shallow depth of field effects. Sorry you didn’t like the portraits this time though! 🙂 Amy

  • Wow! These are beautiful photos! They are so clear! I am just getting into photography, and I am going to get a new camera. Would you recomend Nikon cameras?

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