Cardiff Castle: Mono shots with the Fujifilm X100

I’m really pretty fortunate to live almost opposite the Castle (I can see it from my window).

As a resident of Cardiff I get free access so I’ve actually lost count of the amount of times I’ve visited the Castle. It’s also a pretty handy photography location, and if I’m stumped for anywhere else (or I just don’t fancy a lengthy trip) having something as fantastic as this on my doorstep is a dream.

For you see, I bloody love castles. What’s not to love right? There’s lots of great stuff in Cardiff Castle, mainly due to the huge restoration/improvement project that Lord Bute carried out in the 19th century.

There’s a stunning gold room for instance. I just love the fact that he spent so much time and effort restoring a castle which was essentially his holiday home (being from Scotland and all).

A few months ago I had the opportunity to use the Fuji X100 for a weekend, and I wanted to experiment with the different film simulation settings. You can visit an older post on Jacob’s market to see how I got on with the Astia setting.

This one, as you can quite clearly tell is one of the monochrome filters. I’ve got so many pictures of Cardiff Castle that I wanted to do something a little different (for me). I don’t usually shoot in black and white but I’m pleased with this set.

Imposing this restriction (along with the restriction of using a fixed focal length lens – the X100 has a fixed 35mm – equivalent – optic) made me look at the lines, shapes and other interesting features I could find.

Anyway… that’s enough reading… why don’t you send your eyes southwards to where the pictures begin.

As usual, any comments, thoughts, suggestions or other missives welcome in the box below.


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