Cardiff Arcades Project: Bill’s Restaurant

I’ve done a new post on my other blog, the Cardiff Arcades Project about a great new restaurant/cafe that has opened in the Wyndham Arcade.

Bill’s is a small chain, with the latest addition in Cardiff being open for just a few weeks now.

These were shot with my Panasonic G5 and an Olympus PEN E-PL5. I’m beginning to use my DSLR on fewer and fewer occasions, especially when a CSC is more than adequate for what I’m photographing. So much so that I’m contemplating selling my SLR and lenses… more on that in another post perhaps.

I popped along the other week to take some shots for my project – the first time I’ve photographed anything in that particular arcade (I’d love to do more). See a sample of the photos below, and head over to the original post for more Bill’s Cardiff.


  • The first one of these was in Lewes, in East Sussex. There’s one in Brighton where I live too – it’s great! I love the pink lemonade and breakfasts 🙂

    • Yeah there’s blackboards around the shop talking about the one in Lewes, I’ve heard there’s going to be one in Bath soon (where I work) as well 🙂

  • Hi Amy – I love the photos – very sharp. Will be interested in what you decide on your SLR. I’ve been contemplating selling mine too.

    • Thanks Pamela. It’s one of those things which I just need to get around to doing. I will be sad to see it go, but I’m fortunate in my job position that I can borrow equipment if I need it. I’ve not used my 60D in some time now, and it does seem a bit silly to have something worth so much just sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But the fact is, I can go out with my G5 and 8 lenses and not get backache! 🙂

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