Bute Park in Autumn: A Kaleidoscope of Beautiful Colour

Autumn is, quite rightly, the favourite season of many photographers – and I think I’m no different.

I’m really fortunate to live just a couple of minutes walk away from the magnificent Bute Park which looks quite frankly resplendent at this time of year.

Somehow, last year, I managed to miss most of the autumnal goodness, so this year I’ve been going much more frequently to try and catch the best moments.

This collection of photographs are from three different occasions. The most recent was this Saturday where the sun came out and it was like a sunny summer’s day… aside from how chilly it was. That really brought out the beautiful colours of the leaves even more, and are my favourite photos – you’ll see them roughly halfway through the gallery.

I think we’ve got perhaps another week – maybe stretched to two if we’re very lucky, before all the gorgeous leaves drop off and we’re left with bare trees again, so make sure you take some time to appreciate the colours of the season.

For anyone interested, these photos were shot with an Olympus PEN E-PL5, Panasonic G5 and Nikon P7700. The most recent ones are with the E-PL5. If you want to know where a specific one has come from, click on any of the photos to start a slideshow – the camera name is displayed underneath the photo.

As always, any comments, thoughts, suggestions and so on are always welcome in the box below.


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