Sunny Oxford on a beautiful summer’s day

We haven’t had a particularly good summer in the UK, but there were odd days of delicious sunshine.

And on one of those days, by some miracle, I happened to be out shooting to review a camera.

I’d never been to Oxford before, but my love for old architecture meant I knew I’d like it. I’m really happy to report that I wasn’t wrong in the slightest, and I spent a few hours merrily wandering around with no real plan other than to snap away – the best kind of day in my opinion.

Also, I have a life plan to visit every single one of the cities in the UK, so it was nice to tick another one off the list!

I had a vague idea of some places I want to visit, mainly gathered through Twitter, but I relied on my phone to navigate to these places and the rest I just found by chance.

It’s a relatively small city, in terms of the centre anyway, but you could definitely fill a whole day, if not more here, looking around some of the majestic parks and buildings that fill it. If you want to pay to go into some of the more famous places, there’s the option to do that too. As it was so hot and sunny I spent most of my time outside.

The camera I used here was a Samsung NX210 and a selection of four lenses.

I hope you like the images, if for nothing else than prove that it didn’t rain all day every day during the summer of 2012. Any questions, comments, suggestions or anything else can be left in the box below.

Click on any image to start a slideshow.


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