Cardiff in high contrast monochrome (shot with the Sony NEX-F3)

It’s fair to say that this summer has been a bit of a washout, weather-wise.

So, a few weeks ago when yet another grey and gloomy day was threatening to thwart my photographic plans I decided to go with the mood instead.

I was shooting with a Sony NEX-F3, which is one of the company’s compact system cameras.

It’s a fun little camera to use, and one of its Picture Effects is called High Contrast Mono. Sometimes, I like to go out and restrict myself to one shooting style.

Sometimes that’s one lens, one focal length, one aperture, one aspect ratio, or in this instance one Picture Setting.

As it happened, I was shooting with one lens as well – the standard 18-55mm kit lens, which I think did a good job here.

What I liked about shooting in this mode that it makes everything look so dramatic, and really highlights many of the architectural details which I love about Cardiff. Big expanses of white sky suddenly look bold, not dull.

Ironically, the sun actually did come out about half way through this shoot – but that only helped create even more impactful skies, interesting shadows and the odd bit of intentional glare.

These were all shot within a five-minute walk of my front door (a couple of the shots are actually of the building I live in). They’re things I walk past pretty much on a daily basis, and yet I’m always discovering new things, new bits on the wall I didn’t notice before, new markings I hadn’t yet seen.

In the name of transparency, these images have had a little tweak here and there in Photoshop, mainly to emphasise the contrast. There’s nothing major though – and they did look great straight out of the camera, I just wanted to bring it out even more.

I hope you enjoy these shots. As always, comments, thoughts, feedback and questions all welcome in the box below.

One comment

  • What a fantastic series of black and white photographs, I have to say it very much reminded me of the stylings of Brassai and his paris at night series. Have you considered approaching night photography too? I think with your eye you could produce another brilliant seires such as this one. Well done!

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