Some snapshots of Bath (with a Sony RX100)

This year has been a fantastic year for new cameras, and the Sony RX100 has easily been one of my favourite (so far).

It’s a nifty little compact camera featuring a larger than average sensor (one inch).

I only had my hands on it for a few days, so on the last day I had it, I decided to take it for a quick spin around Bath for some street/architecture/slightly unusual photography.

I work in Bath so I see it (almost) every day, and I love it almost as much as I love Cardiff – but in a totally different way. As you will know if you’ve ever been there, on any given day it is jam-packed with tourists taking thousands upon thousands of shots, so there’s no shortages of images of the city.

Therefore I tried to be a tiny little bit different, plus it didn’t help that it was a pretty  grey day out so I couldn’t get any of the usual tourist cutesy shots of the Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey, Royal Crescent and so on… these were all taken in the space of about 20 rushed minutes too (don’t say you can tell…).

In terms of post-processing, there’s only been the most basic of tweaks in Sony’s raw editing software (since the update for Photoshop isn’t available yet) and then a couple of them had minor Levels adjustment in Elements. Where you see a filter effect, that has been done in camera.

The RX100 is a great little camera for sticking in your bag/pocket for every day shooting, and I’m very tempted to get one of my own for street shooting and maybe even nights out… we’ll see.

As always, comments, thoughts, feedback and so on are most welcome in the box below.


  • Awesome photos, Really liked them. Im just starting out and saving up for a decent camera, if you have any suggestions i would really appreciate it. Im looking to get the nikon d3200 but till not sure

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment. I reviewed the Nikon D3200 here – it’s a great camera if you’re just learning.

      If you need suggestions, can I ask if it’s definitely a DSLR you’ve set your mind on? What kind of budget are you looking at also?



      • Hi

        I definately want a dslr as you get filters and everything for the lens so i can take a wide selection of photos wherever i am and at any time. Im just starting out and i want to get really good at it. I seem to have an eye for detail so yea. I want to be able to take pictures of sunsets and and moon rising too and i just cant seem to be able to do that on a standard camera.

        My budget is around £600 but can squeeze to £700. Im really looking to get stuck in an maybe do some larger prints in frames. i just dont wanna make the wrong decision in camera.



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