Portraits: Elena in Bute Park (shot with the Sony a37)

These portraits were taken what seems like an age ago – when this big blanket of blue stuff hung in the sky and it was actually warm.

Remember those crazy days of May when it was actually hot for a brief window of time? Ah to get that back again…

Hopefully these will be an omen of an improvement in weather to come, and if not, hopefully they can distract for a moment anyway.

I took these shots of Elena in Bute Park, the huge park in Cardiff which is just a couple of minutes from where I live. In May it looks absolutely beautiful, with gorgeous blossoms all around and lots of great locations for portraits.

Elena, once again, was a great model to shoot, and even held up the reflector herself as the bright sunlight was playing havoc with shadows and so on.

For those interested in such things, these were shot using a Sony Alpha a37, the company’s entry-level DSLT. All were shot either the standard kit lens or a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens.

I love the pictures that come from this camera, the colours look especially great given the vibrancy of the subject – look how bright the flowers and sky looks.

There’s pretty much a never-ending backlog of pictures that I will be blogging over the next few posts, including shots from the Sony RX100, Nikon D3200, Sony NEX-F3, Canon 650D and Panasonic G5 (which was announced only yesterday but I’ve been testing for some time).

As always, comments, thoughts or opinions are always welcome in the box below.


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