Portraits: Liz shot with the Sony RX100 (a compact camera)

These are some of my favourite photos from this year, and feature my ever-patient and ever-photographed friend Liz, who’s back with her beautiful red hair (remember her from Penarth?)

Last week, I had the privilege of getting my hands on a new camera before it was even announced, the Sony RX100 (click this link to read my review on TechRadar… it’s the highest score I’ve ever given a camera by the way).

It’s a new compact camera from the company, which they claim is groundbreaking (I know they would do, but stick with me). I have to say, although my initial skepticism of course crept in, after spending a few days with this gorgeous little machine, I was hooked and feel inclined to agree.

Although “only” a compact camera, I think it has produced some truly wonderful portraits that I think you’d be hard pushed to tell didn’t come from something usually considered much more advanced, or professional, but you can let me know if you agree in the comments box below if you like.

These were shot in Cardiff Castle, one of my favourite locations in the city … especially as it’s mere feet away from my front door (most handy for camera tests). As a local resident I also get free entry – another bonus.

Some of the shots have been taken with special Picture Effects, or digital filters, it will probably be obvious which ones, but we’ve got Toy Camera and Pop Colour on display here. I do love a good art filter.

As the RX100 shoots in raw format, most of these have been processed through Image Data Converter (Sony’s software) and tweaked slightly in Photoshop Elements.

It’s safe to say that this is yet another camera added to my personal wishlist. It would be fantastic to have a camera of this quality to carry around in my pocket, is it possible to have too many cameras?

I hope you enjoy these pictures, and as always, any comments, thoughts opinions and so on are most welcome in the box below.


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