A few quick snaps from St Fagans, Cardiff

I thought it would be nice to take a quick break from the barrage of portraits I’ve been blogging lately and show a few of the pictures I took in St Fagans a few weeks ago when I was testing the Sony a37.

For those not in the know, it’s the museum of Welsh life, and also includes St Fagans Castle (which looked more like a big house to me from the outside – there was a wedding going on inside so I didn’t see it, I’ll have to go back).

Locals will probably have been to this institution many a time on school trips and the like, but it was a first for me… despite having lived in Cardiff for the best part of seven years now. I really should get out and see my local sights more I suppose.

I was using the Sony a37, as previously mentioned, which is a new beginner level SLT from the company. I used only the kit lens for these shots, which performed well.

Inside St Fagans, there are lots of different houses from different time periods from what appeared to be the 19th century, up to around the 1980s. The later houses were basically like going round to your grandparent’s house, and got me wondering whether in a few decades’ time there will be a 2000s house, full of iPads, flatscreen TVs and dishwashers… and people will be walking around saying “wow, can’t believe people used to live like this.”

This blog post also serves to prove that we had at least some sunshine this year… and it was bloody brilliant, while it lasted.

Just a few photos to look through, but I will be posting a portrait set taken with the same camera soon. Any thoughts, comments, opinions etc are all welcome in the box below.

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