Portraits: Rachel at Cafe Citta, Cardiff

I’ve been meaning to blog these portraits of the gorgeous Rachel for some time.

Shot originally for We Are Cardiff, lovely Rachel has now been swept away to work at the Edinburgh festival so her story is, for now at least, on hold.

It seemed criminal not to show these photos though, being as she looked so god darned lovely.

The location is Cafe Citta, a wonderful little restaurant in the city-centre of Cardiff. The owners were more than accommodating of our little shoot, and Rachel’s food looked delicious – I definitely need to book myself a table here soon.

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark III and just a couple of lenses (24-70mm L lens and 50mm f/1.4 lens if you’re interested), this was a pretty simple set-up but one which I hope you agree came out pretty well.

If you like these portraits, there’s a few more in this set over on Flickr.

As always, comments, thoughts, suggestions and so on are always welcome in the box below.


  • The mug shots of her (taken from the shoulders and up) are definitely my favorite. In my opinion, whatever emotion she felt seemed strongest when she isn’t looking at the camera… if that makes any sense.

    • Thankyou for the comment – and yes, I agree you’re right about that… I think when she’s looking at the camera, she’s “posing”, but when she’s not, she’s just being natural, talking, joking etc – so she’s bound to look different. I think because this was a shoot that had an intended purpose, we thought we’d better do proper “posed” ones, as opposed to more naturalistic looks. I like both for different reasons though 🙂

  • Her hair is simply stunning. So is the way you captured her soft face. Love it girl!

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