Portfolio: words and pictures featured in Mollie Makes

I even got a cover line! 😀

This month I’m proud to say that my Cardiff Arcades Project work appears in one of my favourite magazines (one I actually subscribe to, woot!), Mollie Makes.

For those of you not familiar with this publication, it’s a craft and vintage magazine aimed at young women which was launched just over a year ago produced by Future Publishing (which is handily where I work, but in another department…)

I’ve been wanting to get my photos and words about the Cardiff Arcades in there pretty much since the launch issue came out. I actually pitched the idea for this feature about a year ago, but magazine world being magazine world it’s taken this long to actually come together and be published.

There’s also been a fair few setbacks along the way. Since the original idea, three amazing vintage shops in the fantastic arcades have sadly closed down or seemed about to. One, A Vintage Affair, I learned was to close after I had already submitted images and words for the piece, so some last-minute rearranging had to be done.

Of all the work I’ve done, (and I’ve done quite a bit now, hooray!), I think this will be one of my favourites for a long time to come. Not just because it’s one of my most-loved magazines, and about one of my most-loved subjects, but also because it combines both my writing and photography. Mollie Makes is written in quite a different style than I’m used to, so I found that a fun challenge to undertake. Although I already had all of the photos, it’s great to see them actually printed and it was also nice to look through them all again.

This issue is available to buy at newsagents and other cool shops like that from June 8th, however if you’re a subscriber you should already have it. If you want to, you can subscribe to the magazine (I’d recommend that) here, or you can download a digital version here.


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