Published portraits: Digital Camera, N-Photo and PhotoPlus magazines

This month I’m extremely fortunate and proud to have three international news stand magazines on sale at once all featuring my recent portrait photography.

In Digital Camera, I helped review the Nikon D800, so a photo of my regular model (teehee) Liz appears as part of that. I haven’t blogged this set of photos yet – they were taken in Barry Island and it’s on my ever-expanding to-do list.

Meanwhile, in N-Photo, two portraits – another of Liz and one of Jen appear with their D800 review.

Finally, as part of the Canon 5D Mark III review in PhotoPlus, a portrait of Sarah appears – I haven’t blogged about these either yet, but hopefully they will also make it online soon.

Although I have my photographs printed all the time online, there’s still nothing quite like seeing them in actual print which you can hold, so seeing all three of these together was really special.

Next month, I have more printed portrait work coming up – a portrait of Elena shot with the Olympus OM-D will be featured in Digital Camera, and there should be more from various shoots appearing over the next few months… keep your eyes peeled.

Digital Camera Issue 125 (May 2012), N-Photo Issue 07 (June 2012) and PhotoPlus Issue 61 (May 2012) are all available to buy now from good newsagents, or you can download them from Apple Newstand or on Zinio.

Liz, as featured in Digital Camera magazine

Jen, as featured in N-Photo magazine

Liz – this time in N-Photo

Sarah – as featured in PhotoPlus


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