Portraits: Elena, on location at the Bute Building (shot with the Canon 5D Mark III)

This was one of my favourite portrait shoots of recent times, not only because Elena is such a joy to photograph, but also because the location was my old University building – the Bute Building (part of Cardiff University).

Elena is studying the same postgraduate diploma that I took what seems like a lifetime ago (it is in fact three years ago that I finished), so it was quite odd being back in the building again. It was a Bank Holiday, so it was in fact closed – but postgraduate students have 24 hour access, so we snuck in via the back door.

I was quite shocked at how many awesome places there are to shoot photographs in the Bute Building. We found a gorgeous red wall upstairs in the architecture department, while the windows on the stairs have some beautiful leading.

Even though it was absolutely pouring down outside (as it seems to have been for the past forever), we also managed to do some great outdoor shots by the magnificent front doors – which were also featured in my post about the Olympus OM-D.

For the tech-heads and shutter nutters among my readers, these were all shot with the Canon 5D Mark III, a camera which I’m pretty much in love with…. but moving on….

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and as always, comments, thoughts, suggestions and so on, always welcome in the comments box below.


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