Portraits: Ali for We Are Cardiff

Here’s some images I shot of Ali for a recent We Are Cardiff portrait session.

I met Ali at Madame Fromage, which I’ve had the pleasure of photographing for the Cardiff Arcades Project and is a favourite haunt of Ali’s.

Despite protesting that he’d perhaps drunk a little too much red wine than you should on the night before a photoshoot, Ali was great fun to photograph and put up with me taking more pictures than is probably necessary.

It’s always great fun shooting people for We Are Cardiff, which itself is a great little project which I’m so pleased to be a part of. If you’d like to feature your story and be photographed (it doesn’t have to be by me, but I am always up for taking portraits!) then make sure you get in contact with the guys who run it.

Anyway, the results are the following images, which were all shot on a Canon 5D Mark III for the tech-heads among my readers.

Don’t forget to check out Ali’s post on the We Are Cardiff website.

See the slideshow below, or click on any of the individual thumbnails to open a larger slideshow.

As usual, any feedback, comments, or any other thoughts are always welcome.

Happy Friday!

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