Portraits: Jennifer in Cardiff Bay (shot with the Nikon D800)

Another week and another awesome camera to get my mitts on! This time, it was the Nikon D800.

After carrying the great behemoth that was the Nikon D4 around for the previous week, by comparison the D800 seemed almost small. Almost.

For those anywhere near as geeky as me, you might know that the D800 is the headline grabbing camera of the year, with its 36 million pixel sensor.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse when taking these portraits, but in the end I think this meant a more even light with less chance of shadows – plus it almost complements the grey of the stone steps Jen was sitting on.

Jen is another great portrait sitter, who despite telling me just a couple of hours before that she doesn’t actually enjoy having her photo taken, persisted with her annoying friend once again pointing a lens in her face.

I was also shooting with the Olympus OM-D, but I will post the resulting images in a separate post.

So, on to the pictures – as always, any thoughts or opinions most welcome in the comments box below.


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