Spring is coming!

Today was the first real day that I got a feeling that glorious spring and summer is finally here.

Someone is going to tell me that spring is already here, or won’t be here for another two months, or whatever…. either way I didn’t care – I packed up my  bag with SIX cameras (yes I’m that crazy) and headed out into the beautiful sunshine to take some pictures.

These are taken mostly on my Olympus PEN, which I find I’m using more and more these days.

I took a lot of pictures on Lomo (analogue) cameras, but pretty obviously I won’t have the photos from those for a while yet…

Hope you enjoy these, I saw the weather prediction for today was “mostly cloudy”…. er, more of these “mostly cloudy” days please!


  • These are stunning. Does the PEN have built-in filters, or did you Photoshop afterwards? “Mostly Cloudy” all week isn’t it? Will be snapping some during my lunchtime walk too.

    • The PEN has a number of inbuilt filters – the one I use the most (probably too much) is Cross Process (which you only get on the E-P3). Also in this post is the “pop-art” filter and the “pinhole” filter.

      It seems like it actually is “mostly cloudy” right now 😦

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