Twinkling lights, festive frivolity and oodles of glühwein…Birmingham Christmas Market 2011

As it’s just one week until the big day (scary how this has crept on me this year), I thought I’d bring you a special festive post!

I actually visited the Birmingham Christmas Frankfurt Market in November just after it opened, but I knew I wanted to save the pictures until a more appropriate time… so here they are.

The market is the biggest Christmas market in the UK, and it really does seem huge. I’m sure it’s got a lot bigger since the first time I visited it when I was living nearby a few years ago. It now stretches all the way from Centenary Square just outside the ICC all the way down New Street until practically outside the Bullring.

Even though it was still a full six weeks until Christmas when I visited this was the busiest I’ve ever seen Birmingham city centre. I kinda dread to think what it must be like now we’re close to the 25th, but at least it should be full of festive cheer.

After visiting this market you are pretty much spoiled. It’s difficult to look upon other markets without thinking “but it’s not as big/good/fun/wide-ranging/foodie as the one in Birmingham!”. One of the best things about this market is that it’s open right up until Christmas, not closing until the 24th. Hooray, a real Christmas market!

So if you’re in that area you still have six days to enjoy it… if not, I hope you enjoy the pictures, I’m especially fond of the gnomes and the helter skelter pictures. Feel free to leave your own thoughts, comments and views in the box below.

I have other Christmas posts for my other blogs, I’ll post a link to them on here soon, all this leaves me to say is Happy Christmas!


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