Barcelona: La Pedrera

The first time I visited La Pedrera – or Casa Mila as it is sometimes known – in 2004, I barely noticed it. Odd thing to say isn’t it? I remember taking a couple of quick snaps as we walked past it, but nothing more than that.

Well this time, a little more informed and realising what wonders lie inside, or strictly speaking upstairs, on the roof, I made it a must-see destination.

Unfortunately, it’s a little pricey to visit La Pedrera, so I visited this one on my own – but I think I would probably still recommend it you for a visit if you can stretch to the entry fee.

This is, of course, another one of Gaudi’s marvels, and was built around 1905-1910 and can be found on the swanky Passeig de Gracia in the centre of Barcelona. Like Casa Battlo (pictures of that to come soon!) down the road, this was built as a private domestic residence for a couple, Roser Segimon and Pere Mila.

It was originally planned to be a religious symbol, owing to Gaudi’s Catholicism, with statues in the original plans of the Virgin Mary. These statues were eventually left out due to fears that anarchists might target the building. It also faced problems from the local government, who objected to the height of the building.

Casa Mila was only restored to its full glory in fairly recently, apparently being painted a dull brown colour in the 1980s. It’s said that the statues at the top of the roof were the inspiration for the Stormtroopers in Star Wars. It would be really cool if that was true – let’s hope so.

I hope you like the pictures I took here, they are some of my favourite from my time in Barcelona, and what’s more I just love how gorgeous the blue Catalonian sky looks. I also took the time to visit it again at night to see how beautiful it looked after dark, and I wasn’t disappointed. Enjoy!

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