Barcelona: La Boqueria

This is the first blogpost I’ll be uploading containing photos from my recent trip to Barcelona. We visited La Boqueria on the last day, which you may think is an odd place to start. Well, I am odd, and it was one of my favourite places to photograph, despite the grumpy stallholders.

La Boqueria is a huge indoor market just off the famous La Rambla in the centre of Barcelona. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and is usually pretty crowded.

It’s also one of Europe’s oldest markets, with mentions of it going back as far as 1217. And you thought Cardiff market was old, huh?

The actual building it’s currently housed in is a little younger, with construction beginning in 1840. The fish market in the centre of the market opened in 1911, and the roof which is still in place today was added in 1914.

Walking around La Boqueria is an interesting experience. Tourists probably match locals 1:1, some of the stallholders seem to be very annoyed that tourists show up and take pictures – one shouted “Senora! Senora! NO PHOTO NO PHOTO!” at me, which seems so odd. This is one of the top tourist destinations in Barcelona, so you would assume that the stallholders would be used to it by now. Other stalls clearly cater entirely for tourists, with pre-packed fruits in English language packet.

The colours, amount of produce, freshness and beauty of it makes it a dream for photographers, especially someone such as myself who is absolutely in love with food photography.

I only spent about 45 minutes in here, but I took stacks of photos, some of which I present below. I hope you like them, and look out for more photos from Barcelona very soon.


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