Great new exhibition at Big Little City, Cardiff

It was all change at the Big Little City exhibition at the weekend, where many of the artworks have been switched over to new pieces by various artists from around the city and beyond, including work by Maciej Dakowicz and Joni Karanka (two of the founders of the wonderful Third Floor Gallery), photographs by Magnum photographer David Hurn and a great set of shots by a photographer just embarking on a new Cardiff record shop project, who I’ve met a couple of times as our paths have crossed in the arcade record shops.

Needless to say I love many of them (along with the existing photos by Dan Green), but one particular piece that really caught my attention yesterday was Brendan Corrigan’s ‘Make me an Offer’.

A fascinating project, Brendan has scoured car boot sales, second hand shops and the like looking for old film cameras which have undeveloped film in them. Paying from nothing to a few quid for each camera, he then develops the film and some of the photos have ended up on the wall of the Big Little City exhibition, with the rest appearing on his website.

What I love about this is the fact that whoever took these photos, those anonymous photographers, will have never seen the photos that could have been lovingly snapped. It throws up all kinds of questions, who are these people? why did they never process the film? where are they now? how old are these photos? how did the camera end up for sale? I could probably go on, but that would make for quite a boring blogpost.

The best thing I can advise you to do is to get yourself across to the exhibition and check out the pictures for yourself, I could get lost for quite a long time exploring each one, and it’s great to see the cameras they’ve been taken with on the wall too.

Big Little City continues until July 22nd, but will changearound again in the next few weeks, so go while you can!

Find out more about the “Make Me an Offer Project” on Brendan Corrigan’s website.

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