Lomokev: Talk at Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff

Last night I had the joy of watching Kevin Meredith, aka Lomokev, give a talk at the wonderful Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff Bay.

I’d heard about the talk a couple of days ago, and having two of Kevin’s books by the side of my bed I couldn’t resist. Sadly, on Wednesday time got away from me and all of a sudden it was 6.40 and the talk started at 7.

Saddened that I wouldn’t get to see the talk but chalking it up to the ‘oh well’ files, suddenly a flash came over me at 6.48 and at 6.50 I dashed out of the house, jumped in a taxi and was there at 6.59 – pretty impressive going, thanks Cardiff for being traffic free.

And well, what can I say, I’m glad I did.

I should have known Kevin’s talk would be great, after all the books are. If I’m honest, his book 52 photographic projects inspired me to do my Cardiff Arcades Project. Seeing all those projects laid out in front of me, I knew I had to have something of my own.

The talk went into detail about Kevin’s photography career to date – and wow has he had some amazing experiences. He seems to be in photography for exactly the same reason as me – it’s a laugh. And if you make some money off having a laugh, all the better – same philosophy as me.

Obviously I’m not saying that I too will find myself the author of 3 books and a global following around the world, but hey ho at least we’ve got something in common.

I won’t go into great depths about the highlights of his career, because that will spoil it for you should you ever see it for yourself – it will be all the better if you do. Plus, you can find out loads of info on Kevin’s website, or better still, from one of his three books.

I read his Toy Cameras book this morning on the way to work, which by the way, is great. I love the enthusiasm Kevin has for just giving things a go. I’ll admit I play it safe, and I only use digital. It’s not that I don’t want to but I just don’t have the spare cash to spend on film cameras and the ongoing cost of film – still it’s on my “one day” list (which is of course growing ever longer).

So, my message to you, dear reader – if you want to be inspired like me, try and attend a Lomokev talk, or buy a book, or look out for his work all dotted around the place – you’re sure to find some. Oh and get down to the Third Floor Gallery if you live in Cardiff – that also rocks. Oh and finally if you can get yourself a camera and have a play around with it. 😉

In short – the best “oh fuck it” decision I have made in a long time.


    • And thankyou for reading and leaving a post – was honestly a fantastic talk. I’ve met loads of great people lately and I’m feeling very energised to get out there and do more (if I ever get the time…).

      Thanks for the book, loved reading it this morning – I couldn’t find the Batman camera anywhere in the book apart from on the picture inside the cover – am I being a bit thick or is it not in there – if not, what is it, showed it to a couple of people who started drooling over it… 🙂


      • The cameras on the end papers are there for decoration! not all of them are in the book. The designer looked though Flickr photos use for that (with permission of course!).

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