Writing for the SFX Lost Special… oh the torture… ;-)

An epic 14 page guide to the locations of hit TV show "Lost"

The SFX Lost Special has finally hit shelves after what seems like an eternity for me. An eternity made all the worse by the incredible journey I found myself on while writing my piece.

My piece, an epic 4500 word, 14 page guide to all the locations on the mystery island is easily the longest and most engulfing piece of freelance I have ever undertaken (and probably will be the longest for some time).

I always knew that my obsessiveness with Lost would come in handy one day, and it’s such good fortune that my other obsession, DVD boxsets, would come in especially handy for the mammoth task in hand – yes that’s right, I took on the foolhardy challenge of rewatching every single episode of the hallowed programme right from episode 1… that’s over 100 hours of quality US drama I’ll have you know.

Now I’m not going to pretend that cramming 100 hours of Lost around a full-time job in less than 3 weeks was always a barrel of laughs, it literally took over my life and I found myself wondering if I was actually in Lost at some point, I really do believe it made my feature better.

And you might think that 4,500 words sounds like an epic number of words. It is. It’s almost half the length of the dissertation I did while at Uni. But it wasn’t enough. For this feature I had to cut out around 2000 hopefully useless words. No mean feat.

But after much slogging, toiling and umming and arring over the pros and cons of Jack vs. Sawyer my piece was complete. But it wasn’t over yet, I still had to grab nearly 100 screengrabs for pictures to illustrate the feature and attempt to write some funny captions – I was completely thrilled when most of these made it into the final feature.

So that’s that, my Lost feature, in a nutshell. A guide to all the locations on lost, the Dhama Stations, the camps, the Other’s locations and off-island locales too. All in one joyous 14 page spread that’s been beautifully put together by some art bods.

You can read this feature, along with other great articles including a Lost timeline, the philosophy of Lost, interviews with the main cast and much much more in this month’s SFX Lost special – available in all truly great newsagents complete with a free poster, mousemat and Dharma patch – what are you waiting for??

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