Save money at the supermarket with LoveMoney

I love it when you can profiteer from your own out and out geekery, and this is one such example.

My feature, ways to slash your weekly food bills is, you’ll see if you read it, an utter geek fest on how to go about doing your weekly shop. Whether it saves you money or not, I’ve described parts of this to friends who have stared at me abjectly as if I’m a mentalist.

For you see, it’s things like “I write my shopping list in order of the supermarket aisles” that tend to get you funny looks in this day and age, can’t think why. Well who’s got the last laugh now? Not only am I saving myself money by shopping in this way, but I’m making money by writing about it – so there.

So if you’d like to geek out with me and find some spectacular ways to save a few quid on your supermarket spend then see Top tips to slash your weekly food bills – over on LoveMoney – please do let me know if you’ve found it works for you, I don’t want to be alone on this anymore 😛

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