Little White Lies and Huck Magazine: two paragons of awesomeness and great customer service

I am a self-confessed magazine junkie, I love them, always will and (with any luck providing they stick the distance) I always will. I love the web too, I know I have to say that as I work for a website, but I think the two mediums complement each other beautifully 99% of the time.

But there’s nothing quite like the smell, feel and look of paper to bring joy to your heart – especially when it’s been so lovingly designed and crafted as Huck and Little White Lies have this month.

The pair have teamed up with illustrator Geoff Mcfetridge to design special covers that when placed next to each other complete one beautiful drawing from Where the Wild Things Are. Look at it (below). That’s just BEAUTIFUL.


I first got wind of their fantastic cover through Twitter and it made me smile so much that I had to reply to a friend’s (@sofiejenkinson) tweet about it. This was spotted by Little White Lies themselves who offered me a subscription offer I couldn’t refuse and moments later I’d subscribed and promised that the Mcfetridge cover will be on it’s way shortly.

Now I’m a subscriber to far too many magazines, National Geographic, Empire, GQ, Vanity Fair… blah blah, the list goes on, and luckily I still look forward to them dropping through my door, but I’m actually getting quite excited about receiving this one because, and this may shock someone who has just read the sentence that I subscribed – I HAVE NEVER READ LITTLE WHITE LIES BEFORE!

I’ve read Huck, and I’m not even into extreme sports but I found it awesome. Little White Lies is about films which I AM into, so if Huck can do it with extreme sports, imagine how amazingly freaking awesome Little White Lies is going to be!

And as if to pile awesomeness upon awesomeness, whoever controls their Twitter is so beautifully lovely that they replied to my every message about the subscription and assured me that I will receive that amazing cover. Now that’s service you just don’t get with the big guys – my National Geographic subscription took 12 WEEKS to arrive (although once again one of their team on Twitter saw this and sent me a free copy – any mags reading this, yes I will accept free copies, contact me for details, asap, I don’t care what you are, if it’s free I’ll have it) and my Empire’s keep on getting lost in the post.

So that’s my little story about how a magazine I’d never even read before got me to subscribe, through the power of awesomeness, friendliness, the personal touch and of course Twitter – everyone in publishing could all learn a thing or two from the Little White Lies team.

Follow @LWLies on Twitter for updates from the team, as soon as I receive my first issue I’ll be devouring it and posting my thoughts. Stay tuned!

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