Taking the SLR plunge

Taken with my bridge camera, a Fujifilm Finepix 1000fd.
Taken with my bridge camera, a Fujifilm Finepix 1000fd.

I’ve been interested in photography ever since I can remember, and for a long time now I’ve been both boring and annoying friends either with tales of my exploits or by stopping every five seconds on a five minute journey because I’ve spotted something photo worthy.

I’ve had a few different compacts in my life and I’ve always believed that it’s not necessarily about the camera, it’s about the photographer. Some of my favourite shots have been taken with compacts, and they offered the budding photographer within me the chance to experiment with composition and basic elements of exposure and so on.

Taken with my first digital compact, a Nikon E2500One of my favourite shots of Barcelona – taken with my first digital compact, a Nikon E2500

In the summer of last year I upgraded to a bridge camera – for those not in the know, this is somewhere between a compact and an SLR, containing many of the functions of the latter but at a fraction of the price (and a fraction of the final image quality) which has also served me well and I’ve also taken some fantastic shots with that.

But today marks one giant leap on my photography career. After using a colleague’s SLR on various MADE Magazine photoshoots, I was itching to get my own. My friend Rhian was kind enough to loan me hers for a few days to get a taster, and that was it I was hooked. Two days I spotted a deal on a website that I just couldn’t resist, and I fell, hook, line and sinker for a Canon EOS 1000d complete with 18-55mm lens, tripod, camera bag and a spare memory card. Amazingly, it arrived less than 36 hours later.

Currently I’m stuck in Bristol waiting to get my hands on my new beast later (I named my bridge ‘the little beast’ so I’m currently thinking of a new name for the big beast), but for now I’ve been sent a picture of it to tantalise me.

I can’t wait to get out there and experiment with settings I’ve never tried before and to learn more about the art of photography, but just to warn everybody, those five minute journeys turned into fifteen minutes of photographing are probably only going to expand exponentially now.

Stanley Bear acts as a size guide for the tripod
Stanley Bear acts as a size guide for the tripod


Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping my bridge my camera (I also have a compact camera too…) as it still offers some of the functions my SLR won’t be able to do for the moment (I’ll probably invest in better lenses and so on in the future). My bridge can zoom to fantastic lengths and still preserve quality, and, it can record video. It’s good to have a selection of cameras in your toolkit, so I think my bridge will be with me for a while.

Now I just have to wait a few hours until I can get my hands on the new beast. I can’t wait…

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