April Fool’s Day? Chicks and Tweets…

Can chicks really count? I'm confused. Pic by Dominic's Pics
Can chicks really count? I'm confused. Pic by Dominic's Pics

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s been happening over the past few days, but internet databases of news sites make it easy to catch up at the mere click of button.

But, and maybe it’s just me that experiences this, but I’m starting to read a few of last week’s stories dubiously. It was April Fool’s last Wednesday and a couple of the stories I’ve found from last week I just can’t decide whether or not they’re true.

For example, this story about baby chicks being able to perform arithmetics, seems implausible but also appears on a number of other news sites. Can it be true that baby chicks can count? I’m not so sure, but not being scientifically enough brained I can’t quite figure out if all the news corporations are in on it together to pull my leg or not?

Elsewhere, this amusingly silly story on The Guardian about it converting all its news stories to Twitter tweets is very obviously an April Fool’s joke that they don’t need to make it so clear. Reading the comments that appear below the story, some readers have obviously felt that this classes as a rubbish joke because it’s so “obviously” fake (maybe it isn’t if you believe all the hype that Twitter is creating).

But I feel differently to those readers. At least I know it’s unreal. Not like the chick story – will someone please enlighten me on that – or at least change the date on the story to make it clearer 😉

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